Services available at Riverstown include:

  • Womens Health Services, including pregnancy care
  • Mens Health Services
  • Screening
  • Child Health Services including vaccination
  • Minor surgery including wart removal
  • Electrocardiography (ECG) and Spirometry
  • Pre-employment medical examination
  • Driving licence / insurance medical examination
  • Warfarin Clinic
  • Travel vaccinations and advice
  • Dietician Service
  • Physiotherapy Service
  • Diabetes and Ischaemic Heart Disease(Heartwatch) clinics

Routine blood tests are taken during the Wednesday morning surgery.


We  participate in the national cervical screening programme. Women aged 25 to 44 years will be screened at three-yearly intervals and women aged 45 to 60 years will be recalled every five years for smear tests. Unfortunately women who want to have a smear performed and don’t qualify under these conditions will have to pay for their smear test to be processed privately. Full details of the programme, including instructions on registering for a free smear,  can be found at

Childhood Vaccinations

Changes have been made to the Childhood vaccination schedule. Please see; Childhood Vaccinations for further details. Further information on childhood vaccinations is also available from the UK and the USA

Credit card /Debit Card Payments

We accept debit and credit card payment for medical services.

Do you qualify for a medical card?

Click Medical Card to apply online.

Travelling to other parts of Europe?

Do you have a European Health Insurance Card? Click EHEC for further details.

Travel Vaccinations Available

Do you need travel vaccinations? See for more information.

Registration for GP Visit Card for Under 6s Scheme

Registration for GP Visit Card for the over 70s

Contact details for other local services

Contact telephone numbers
Riverstown Pharmacy:(071) 9165865
Community Psychiatric Nurse:(071) 9183002
Sligo University Hospital:(071) 9171111
Alcohol / Substance Abuse Counselling:(071) 9143316

Irish College of General Practitioners

Sligo University Hospital


Riverstown Pharmacy