Nurse Services

Practice Nurse Services

Our Practice Nurse is available for appointments.

Blood Tests

Blood Tests are done in the surgery by appointment on every morning.  Please note that blood tests done in the surgery are not covered by the Medical Card and a charge will apply.

Our samples are sent to Sligo University Hospital and results are returned electronically, directly into your patient record. The results are reviewed by one of the doctors. We ask all patients to contact the Surgery to discuss their blood results, the week after having their blood test taken.

24 Hour Blood pressure monitor

We have a 24 hour blood pressure monitor available.  You can make an appointment with our Practice Nurse to have this done.  You will need to come in two days in a row to have it fitted and then the next day at the same time to have it removed. The device is worn for a day and gives an accurate assessment of blood pressure.  Results are available within 24 hours of removal. This test is covered by the Medical Card.


An ECG is a recording of the electrical activity in the heart. Your doctor may need to refer you for various reasons. A modern ECG machine is available in the practice.  This test is covered by the Medical Card.

Cervical Smears

Cervical smears are FREE between the ages of 25-60. Please register at to obtain your ID number.

All of our medical team are fully registered with Cervical Check the National Screening organisation.

A smear test (sometimes called a pap test) is a simple procedure where a doctor or nurse (smear taker) takes sample cells from the cervix (neck of the womb) to look for early changes.  A smear test can identify cell changes BEFORE they become cancer cells. Early detection means early intervention and therefore means the best possible outcome.

We also run some Saturday clinics for Cervical screening so please enquire when booking if there is one that might suit you.