Heart Health

Heart Health

You do not necessarily need to do a full Standard or Executive Medical to find out if you are at increased risk of heart disease. You can ask the doctor at any consultation if you have a family history or are in general concerned about this. We can take a family history, check your blood pressure and arrange blood testing.

We have an ECG test machine in the surgery.  It is a harmless and painless way of recording heart activity via electrodes positioned on the surface of the skin and is used to diagnose various heart disorders which produce abnormal patterns on an ECG read out.

The ECG test can be performed by our Practice Nurse. If you are experiencing palpitations or chest symptoms, don’t delay in making an appointment for an ECG test.

If you have established heart disease we offer a structured programme for monitoring your heart health.

We also offer Holter monitoring. A Holter monitor is a 24 hour E.C.G. This is a heart test that measures the electrical conductivity of your heart. The monitor is worn for 24 hours and records the electrical conductivity of the heart throughout this period.
Similar to ECG the device is fitted with stickers to the chest but this gives a full recording over a day and night period rather than a snap shot.
It is fitted and removed by a nurse and analysed by your Doctor. There are no risks associated with using this to test the heart’s activity however ensure that the machine does not get wet. The electrodes are then places to the chest and think wires are used to connect them to a small tape recorder. They are left in place for 24 hours. After the 24 hour period you must then return to the Practice with the recorder and then the test can be analysed.