Children's Health


Our Paediatric care starts at birth. As part of our structured (and free) ante natal care we offer two week and six week wellness checks to our newest patients. We are also happy to address any concerns during the neonatal period.

Under 6 GP Card

We encourage all parents to register their new babies on the Under Six free GP card which we accept in our practice. This means your baby will continue to be seen free after the Ante Natal free cover stops (at six weeks). To register go to You can choose either Dr. Claire Fitzsimmons or Dr. Kathleen McClory and your child will be eligible to be seen by any of the doctors here.

Childhood Immunisation

We provide the national free childhood immunisation program in the practice which starts at two months of age and continues to 13 months. For details of that program please click on the HSE information site here.

Meningitis B Vaccine

The HSE have introduced this vaccine for all new born babies born since 31st October 2016.  There is no catch up programme.  We are happy to provide this vaccine to all children who have not been vaccinated.  If you are interested in having your children vaccinated please contact the surgery.  As there is no catch-up program paid for by the HSE there is a charge for all patients.  You will need to book this vaccine in advance as it is not always available from suppliers.  The minimum age for the vaccination is 2 months.

The cost of the vaccine is €300 for the first 2 shots and €150 for the 3rd shot (only needed if the first dose is given before the age of 2 years).  2-3 shots will be required depending on the age of your child.

For further information from the HSE about this vaccine click here.

Chicken Pox Vaccine

We can also provide the Chicken Pox Vaccine to all children over the age of one.  Two injections given two months apart are necessary.   The Chicken Pox Vaccine is not covered by the HSE so we do have to charge a fee for both supplying and administering this vaccine.

The cost of the vaccine is €160 for the 2 shots

This also has to be booked as we carry a limited supply of the vaccine. For further HSE information on this vaccine click here.