Free Contraception Scheme

We are delighted to announce that we will be taking part in the HSE scheme to provide free contraception consultations to our female patients aged between 17 & 25 years. All that is required is your PPS number to prove eligibility. Please call Reception 071 9165463 to book.

HPV Vaccine Catch-Up Programme

The Laura Brennan HPV vaccine catch-up programme is for some people aged 16 or older who did not get the vaccine yet.

You can book an HPV vaccine catch-up appointment with the HSE Clinics (Not GP or Pharmacy) if you are:
Female age 16 to 24 years
Male age 16 or older who started 1st year of secondary school, Homeschooled or a in special school in September 2019
Click the link below for further information
Laura Brennan HPV vaccine Catch up programme

CareDoc – Out of Hours GP Service

Caredoc provide an out of hours doctors service for patients with urgent medical problems.

Caredoc out of hours 6pm-9am Weekdays, all day Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays